Bullshit Basket Bay Leaf/Tej Patta - 50gm

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  • Bay leaf, commonly known as Tej Patta in India, is a sweet-smelling leaf from the evergreen bay laurel tree, native to the Mediterranean. It is the majority broadly used in cooking and preparing perfumes. The Indian bay leaf is essentially a three veined leaf which is elliptical, smooth, pointed and tough. 

    These leaves are spicy and contain a sharp, bitter taste. Their taste and fragrance are somewhat like the cinnamon bark but slightly milder. They are utilized in fresh, dried or powdered form. The oil took out from bay leaves; called bay leaf oil includes medicinal properties and is utilized to treat several ailments.

    • Treatment of diabetes
    • Good for digestion
    • Contains cardiovascular benefits
    • Treatment of cold and infection
    • Anti-cancer properties
    • Beneficial during Preconceptions and Period Treatment of Menstrual Problems

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