Amul Kesar Shrikhand - 500gm Cup

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  • Shrikhand is a semi soft: sweetish sour: whole milk product prepared from lactic fermented curd. The curd (dahi) is partially strained through a cloth to remove the whey and thus produce a solid mass called chakka (the basic ingredient for Shrikhand). This chakka is mixed with the required amount of sugar: etc.: to yield Shrikhand.
    Prepared from fresh curd: cream: Sugar and pasteurised which gives Amul Shrikhand Smooth: Tastier: Richer and uniform in texture.
    Loose Shrikhand which is manufactured and marketed by Mithaiwalas / Halwai: who practically does not care for quality assurance and does not maintain hygienic standards; while Amul Shrikhand is made with the highest standard of quality and hygiene and is available at most reasonable price.
    Tastier: Richer: Better Shrikhand: made out of quality ingredients.
    Pasteurised before packing to ensure freedom from disease causing bacteria.
    Hygienic: fully automated production process giving Shrikhand that is untouched by human hand.
    Highest standard of quality and hygiene ensured at the most state of the art plant at Sugar Dairy: Baroda & Sabar Dairy: Himatnagar.
    Amul Shrikhand is available in convenient to use cups as it is packed in four consumer pack-sizes.
    Consumer has freedom to choose from four pack-sizes while on tour or on picnic or any time at home to serve the guests on special occasions.
    Consistent quality provided with assurance of Amul brand name.

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